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5 Keys to your Success as a HealthBiller Partner

1.  Sell a Product People Want

Begin by marketing solutions that are relevant in today's healthcare climate. Products that your customers actually want to use:  Fast, browser-based systems with native mobile connectivity.  

2.  Offer Amazing Value

The basic version of HealthBiller is FREE with unlimited paper claims (no-electronic gateway).  HealthBiller Pro is available for $99 per month. Practices are charged based on billing NPI - so there is no additional cost for front-office or back-office staff.  

3.  Choose your Own Clearing House

HealthBiller is not tied to any specific electronic clearing house - freeing you to negotiate your own deal with the clearing house of your choice.  HealthBiller Pro produces downloadable ANSI claim batches that can be transmited to any of the top claims processors.

4.  Add your Own Suite of Products and Services

Many aspects of HealthBiller are highly customizable including patient statements, paper and electronic claim formats, as well as templates for patient encounters and patient histories.  This level of customization provides unparalleled opportunities to provide training, support, and pre-engineered templates.

5.  Earn Generous Commissions on Sustained, Recurring Revenue

HealthBiller Pro

User cost:  $99 per month per billing NPI

Your commission: $40 per month per billing NPI


User cost:  $49 per month per billing NPI

Your commission: $10 per month per billing NPI

4 Time Award Winner:  Surescripts White Coat of Quality

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AltaPoint Mobile Native Apps 

User cost:  $29 per month per billing NPI

Your commission: $10 per month per billing NPI

Billing Services

Billing Service pricing can be individually negotiated and tailored to specific needs and requirements.

Compare Features

Compare Versions

HealthBiller Basic (FREE)

  • Patient Billing

  • Insurance Billing

  • Unlimited Paper Claims

  • Practice Dashboard

  • Hint Direct Care Interface

  • Google Maps

  • Notes

  • Visit Notes

  • Vitals

  • Problem Lists

  • Medical History

  • Family History

  • Social History

  • Apply Batch Payments

  • Print Notes and Histories

  • Transaction Journal

  • Patient Ledger

  • Practice Analysis

  • Comparative Analysis

  • Production Summary

  • Patient Aging

  • Insurance Aging

  • Scheduler - Day View

HealthBiller Pro ($99 per month per billing NPI)

All of the features from HealthBiller Basic, plus...

  • Electronic Claims*

  • Scheduler - Group View

  • Scheduler - Week View

  • Scheduler - Wait List

  • External Dropbox Documents

  • External Dropbox Images

  • Internal Images (up to 1GB free)

  • Finance Charges

  • Permanent Patient Diagnosis

  • Multiple Fee Schedules per Procedure

  • Compound Billing Codes

  • Native mobile apps (iOS and Android)

  • Patient Portal (Coming Soon)


        * Choose your own clearing house. 

           Clearing house charges extra.

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